Kerry’s Bio

Kerry Meireis is a poet, an artist, a web designer and a true champion for Mother Earth.  In fact, if you are walking through the forest and you see a small blonde woman carrying in her arms half the world's endangered species, it will be Kerry.  Kerry has been a practicing pagan for more than 20 years.  She enjoys horseback riding, painting, drawing, philosophy,  reading, and writing.  Her latest endeavor is designing book covers.  Evidence of her fine work can be seen on the cover of Cobwebbed and Spider Strewn.  Kerry is a multi-talented artist who earned her degree at the Kansas City Art Institute.  Kerry's inspiration for her art work comes from nature as does the inspiration for her poetry.  When she isn't designing a web site, painting, working hard outside the home, taking in every stray animal on the planet, writing poetry, or can be found at the local fishing hole.  She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and lifemate, Mark. 

Blessed Be and may feathers stroke your cheek,
Kerry Meireis


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