Hope Sanderson (, an art director, and nature lover., September 6, 2001, 
Truly, ...Poetry for the Woman's Heart!
I am a poetry collector, and I must say, this is fabulous work. The magic in these words, is everytime you read them, with every different day you live, there will be a new adventure; a new tear; a new joy in growth; a new feeling; a new desire; a new you. I am inspired to pick up my own pen and write those thoughts that have gotten me this far in life. I have already read it 5 times, ...and it never leaves my sight. A must read, ...a must journey. Love it!!!

Kathleen Hanna, an artist and a poet., August 31, 2001, 
'Cobwebbed.....salted away for a Rainy day...
This poetry speaks to the unfettered woman within. All of natural creation is to be found on these pages...Woman Power, Animal and Herb Power; earth, sky, water and fire..the things which hold the Cosmos together. Artfully melding the mundane with the Spiritual, these pages speak to all women-- regardless of race, age, or religion. A must read for the Poetry lover--it is one of those books you will pull out to read again and again, marking special passages to savor and reflect upon. A poetic treasure!

A reviewer, an artist and a lover of poetry, August 29, 2001,
The best Pagan Poetry Book I have Ever Read!
This jewel speaks to the very core of every woman's soul! If you are a woman you need this book! If you are a pagan woman, buy it today!


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